Ballista Plans

Downloadable Ballista Plans

What's included with these plans:

* Detail drawings of all wooden parts.
* Notes on working with wood.
* Detailed assembly instructions with lots of photographs!

These plans are available in downloadable PDF format only. The download instructions will be emailed to
you on receipt of payment.

This model of the Greek and Roman Ballista can demonstrate all the principles of the device as best we
know them from what little actual history has survived the ages. How they really worked. How to make
springs out of rope. This is the most accurate of the catapults too! Great for hitting a target.

The completed model is 41 inches long and 24 inches wide (not including the sweep of the arms). It stands
31 inches tall and is capable of hurling a golf ball over 200 feet! (Or more, depending on how you
construct and tune it.)

The detailed instructions are complete with diagrams, photos, tuning tips and web links for even more
information about catapults!

It's a great science experiment, and a great model just to have fun with for a different kind of target

Tools you will need to make this kit:
- Table saw
- Miter saw or chop saw
- Drill press or power drill
- Screw driver
- Glue
- Clamps
- Scissors
Optional Helpful tools : Router table, Files and Chisel.

Designed by catapult and trebuchet expert Ron Toms, this machine is easy to assemble, and it really

We've put a lot of time and effort into making this plan as easy and complete as possible. It's a great way to
learn about ancient catapults!

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