Mini Floating Arm Trebuchet

No Glue! Build it in under ten mintues! Most popular trebuchet in 2012!

This mini version of our World Famous Floating Arm Trebuchet is a real powerhouse in a desktop sized
package. It can hurl anything from marbles to golf balls across the room or across the yard! The trebuchet
is essentially a gravity powered energy conversion machine, turning potential energy into kinetic energy
and using it to throw a ball. It's a great way to see classical mechanics in action!

It stands sixteen inches tall, thirteen inches long and nine inches wide. Just big enough to see some real
action, but not too big to keep on a bookshelf.

Precision cut by computer controlled machinery from top-quality 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood -- the best
available. The extremely precise cutting process guarantees that all parts fit, and fit right, with no glue
required. And not only does it go together easily, but this kit is designed to perform awesomely too. This
kit was personally designed by professional trebuchet engineer Ron Toms.

The Trebuchet Kit comes with everything you need to get started slinging! All the computer-cut, snap-
together wooden pieces, axles, a trigger, sling and pouch, and four wooden missiles! Assembly time: Only
ten minutes or less after removing parts from panels.

We've put a lot of time and effort into making this kit as easy and complete as possible. It's a fun way to
learn about physics and engineering!

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10 or more kits, 15% off
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    Price: $34.95
    Minimum age: 6
    Availability: out of stock

    Item code: 10121

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It's not just a toy,
it's an achievement!™

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Includes four pre-tuned interchangeable release pins for shooting at different angles of elevation.